The Freemarket tool, will allow users to create a profile and login to access a ‘Talent Marketplace’ so as to connect with stakeholders. These stakeholders may be seeking employment or talent: students, professors, colleges, architects, and HVAC Engineers. The platform will also include a ‘Knowledge Marketplace’ that bridges knowledge gaps among manufacturers, suppliers and dealers, and includes information about maintenance, site installations, specific technology info, MOOC, lecture videos, wiki and research papers. Additionally, the platform will connect voluntary technology adopters (corporates from the four-specified industries), ESCOs (implementation partners) and banks (financiers) to streamline sustainable cooling technology adoption. To keep the platform relevant and engaging, several rating criteria will be used such as Architect and HVAC Consultant Rating (% sustainable portfolio based), Certified student rating (based on Fairconditioning workshop performance metrics), College Rating (% curricula integrated with sustainability), and Commercial enterprise rating (EPI and % company HVAC load using sustainable technologies), showcase TAP partner’s Builders (EPI) & Well-Being rating. The platform will catalyse and funnel interest amongst the student architecture and engineering fraternity to breed confidence as sustainable cooling problem solvers; it will do this by hosting, aligning with, or lending generous support to ‘cooling challenges’ that must be solved by interdisciplinary teams comprised of students from architecture and engineering colleges.

We were commissions in 2016 start and the project should finish in the coming month (September).

What we did

  • Website
  • UI/UX